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      High quality and perfect after-sales service is a major feature of Haishun enterprise

      2018/12/26 16:09
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      High-quality and perfect after-sales service is a major feature of Haishun Enterprise. It has a dedicated technical service center and after-sales service center, which is responsible for providing customers with free technical consultation, technical guidance, technical training and other services. All employees of Haishun Enterprise carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, continue to forge ahead, expand the regenerative capacity, further improve research and development capabilities, and produce more new products to meet the development of environmental protection in China and the growing environmental protection needs, and strive for China's environmental protection cause. Responsible, let the blue sky of the motherland be higher and bluer.
      Haishun enterprise business philosophy: Haina Baichuan, integrity and business, quality first, customer first, people-oriented, harmonious and win-win.