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      Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

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      In August 2003, the company obtained the identification of Dalian High-tech Enterprise.

      2018/12/26 16:06
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      In August 2003, the company obtained the identification of Dalian High-tech Enterprise. In 2010, the company cooperated with Dalian University of Technology to establish the R&D center of Dalian Haishun Heavy Industry Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. The company always follows the principle of taking science and technology research and development as the guide and guaranteeing quality and credit. In the spirit of “seeking truth and being pragmatic”, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, the company actively promotes and applies “new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipments”. The land has promoted the further improvement of the technical level and product quality. The company introduced and digested foreign advanced technology, and developed the leading position in the country, "LJP---division ejector jet pulse bag dust collector", "FXF sub-chamber anti-suction bag dust collector", The tamping coke oven has a coke water-sealed ground dedusting system and has three "utility model patent certificates". The characteristics of the LJP dust collector are: 1 maintenance free. 2 equipment resistance is low and the cleaning effect is good. 3 anti-condensation. 4 energy saving, low operating costs. In 2003, it was confirmed as the “National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology (Class B) Product” by the State Environmental Protection Administration. At the same time, it was awarded the “Environmental Protection Facilities Operation Qualification Certificate” issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration; Dalian Township Bureau The “Dalian Township Enterprise Famous Brand Product” was issued in 2004 and was listed as “National Key New Product Plan” and “National Spark Program” in 2004. The company has also won the title of “2007 China Cement Industry Top 100 Enterprises” and “Top 100 Independent Innovation Enterprises in the Bohai Sea Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry”. Our company's energy-saving and environment-friendly products multi-point dust removal system, its performance has reached the leading level of domestic similar equipment, can replace imported products. This technology uses a set of dust collection systems for centralized processing at different dust collection points with different locations and relatively distant spacing. The system uses a combination of positive pressure conveying and negative pressure suction to achieve centralized dust removal; at the same time, it simplifies equipment spare parts and achieves less maintenance. The system has reasonable design, reliable operation, no secondary dust pollution, and has significant environmental, economic and social benefits. The system has been widely used in many well-known domestic enterprises such as Dalian Beiliang Co., Ltd., and was recognized as the 2006 National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology Demonstration Project in 2006. In recent years, our company has developed the advanced technology of LJP chamber ejector pulse jet bag filter combined with water seal. The feature of this technology is: 1 "U" tube is immersed in water without any mechanical wear. 2 It does not need to be aligned during operation, without any mechanical action, and the operation is simple. 3 support rails do not need to increase the drive. 4 Because there is no air leakage due to the water seal. 5 dust removal fan motor power is low; 6 operating costs and maintenance costs are low, operating costs are 2/3 less than the same industry. This practical technology is now used in the transformation of many ground stations in the coking industry. In 2009, this practical technology won the "National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize".